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The Banishment

On the surface, Elkbury seems like any other village, but unlike other villages, nobody dies in Elkbury.
Instead of dying of old age or illness, the villager in question will arrange for their Banishment ceremony to take place. This involves contacting Father Arcadius at the Order of Altum and letting him take care of the rest.
Other than Father Arcadius, Perry Smith, and Myra Woods, no-one has witnessed a Banishment. The only thing the villagers know is that it involves a trip through Taun Grove to Taunriden Lake. Despite seeming like a beautiful location and a good resource, the villagers of Elkbury do not visit Taunriden Lake for any other reason. They are kept away with the threat of daemons - a story used to scare children and adults alike. The story is shared in the masses at the Church each week.
It is possible for someone to die in violent circumstances, but Elkbury is kept as peaceful as possible. Murder is actively discouraged with a threat of a terrible, but unnamed, punishment. The last murder was before Grima Groves's lifetime.


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