The Monster Lady  

A riveting adventure!

This book was so interesting!

Everfrost is the daughter of a man in another place, but she doesn’t know that much about the place. She winds up going through a portal and then we have a story that just takes off. She has a dire-hog as her companion. She can work magic, which is banned, but she’s in a world that isn’t her own. She has no idea how things work, or why.

Woodrow is a half Ork, and there are goblins and all kinds of monsters that are both friends and foes.

The castle going-ons keep you on your toes, as well as who is this Queen really and why did she ban magic and on and on.

It’s a quest, a journey, an epic adventure. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more!

My copy is an ARC. This review is my own and a positive review is never required.

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