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Grima Groves (a.k.a The Seer)

One of Elkbury's oldest residents (she is in her late 70s). She acts as the town's seer as she has been gifted with the Verus Visus (or True Sight). She sees what most of the villagers describe as "the truth of things".
Her nephew is Gary Groves. She has no other family.
Anastasia Grey is her oldest and best friend.

  "You can say the bleedin’ word, child. The word itself can’t hurt you."  

- Grima Groves on murder.

Grima (created on one of those AI art things!)

Fun Fact 1

Note from Lou: Grima was originally only supposed to appear in "Banished" for a short amount of time. But every time I wrote a Grima scene, I just wanted to write more. Luckily, my plan for "Banished" was quite loose, so I was able to mould it so that I could squeeze more Grima in.

Fun Fact 2

Initially, Grima was called Zelda. This changed at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK because Lou completed an online course about the medieval Icelandic Sagas. During this course it was suggested that if there was a character called Grima in a saga, there was likely to be some kind of magic involved. Given Grima's talents in "Banished", the name seemed perfect.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition
Old, but surprisingly spry.
Body Features
Thin and frail.
Special abilities
Able to see things that others cannot.

Personality Characteristics

Grima is done with your shit.


Biological Sex
Light Blue/white/dead/unseeing
Grey/white, but hidden under a shawl so you're never sure of its length of style.

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Featured in...

  • Banished