Glintsprock’s Quest

Hiya folks,

I know I already have MULTIPLE projects on the go, but I’ve started another one! “Glintsprock’s Quest” will be a series of novellas about a foul-mouthed goblin with a heart of gold (he probably stole it) and a taste for adventure (and brains… he loves brains…).

I’m working on the first novella RIGHT NOW! It’s really fun and it’s called “Glintsprock’s Quest: The Search for the Skrillbrat Sasquatch”. If all goes according to plan, I’m aiming for a publication date sometime in Summer 2023. You’re gonna be tripping over Lou Yardley books this year. They’re everywhere!

Keep an eye on this page for more details – and I’ll also be announcing stuff on my Ko-Fi page and various socials.

Until next time…

Stay delicious,

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