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BIG NEWS! I'm now a Ko-Fi Ambassador!

Hi folks,
I hope you're all well.
I have BIG news!

I'm not quite sure how it's happened, but I'm now an "ambassador" for Ko-Fi. This means that I'm going to be pushing lots of things on my Ko-Fi page (such as the shop, funding goals, memberships, and commissions).
Yep, memberships. Ko-Fi now offers similar memberships to those on Patreon, but there are a few differences (I'll list them below in a mo - hey, that rhymes!). Ideally, I'd love it if we could all move over to the new memberships right now, but I know that you may not want to... so, fear not! For as long as I have at least one member on Patreon, I'll keep it open, I'll keep posting updates, and you'll keep getting your delicious rewards!
So, the differences:
  • Ko-Fi doesn't take a commission, so I'll get a bigger slice of whatever pie you offer me. You can see why I may think this is awesome.
  • The new memberships can currently only be paid for via Stripe. I believe PayPal payments for memberships are due any moment now, I'll keep checking on that and let you know when it happens. PayPal payments for memberships are now live! You have the choice of PayPal or Stripe at the checkout.
  • I'll have more freedom with the merch rewards. The current model means that Patreon send out your merch directly (if you're on one of those tiers!), but on the new system it'll be me. This means I can give you more bang for your buck. For example, those on the Dragon tier on Ko-Fi will get a choice of an art print/postcard, badge, or sticker each quarter. Werewolves will be able to pick from everything the Dragons get, but also with T-shirt and mug options. Bloodsuckers and Mutant Slugs have even more options! You can even pick the design in some cases, rather than just having one sent to you. Also, the rewards will be ongoing, whereas on here, they only last for a year. I'm working on putting a post together with all the merch options, but that may take me a few days.
If you do decide to make the switch, your membership start date will be the date you joined Patreon, rather than the date you joined Ko-Fi... I have a spreadsheet prepared to keep track! Therefore, if you're due some goodies next month, you'll get them still.
But, as I said before, this page isn't going anywhere. As long as you're here, I'm here too!
What does an ambassador do?
I'll be testing out new features before they enter the big wide world, as well as talking about all the Ko-Fi related things I've got going on.
I'm also able to gift a couple of Ko-Fi Gold memberships to creative people, so if you've got a page set up already (or you're thinking of getting one), please let me know and I should be able to sort you out with a year's worth of Gold membership.
Check out my page here: (you can check out the memberships here)
Blood, guts, and hugs,

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