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"Slash Fiction" (Published 31st October 2019)

Within these pages you'll find five bite-sized nuggets of fiendish fiction. They may be short, but they're delightfully twisted.


MAGDA - a piece of flash fiction previously available on Patreon and as part of Lou Yardley's Fiends N' Screams Podcast.
DEAD & BURIED - a new short story, exclusive to this collection.
OUTBREAK - a brand new piece of flash fiction, written especially for this collection.
NIGHTMARE - a drabble written as part of the Weekly Drabbles series.
CHORTLES THE CLOWN - Just because everyone knows clowns are fun!

Limited edition booklet.



"It Came From the Darkness" (Published 30th October 2020, Red Cape Publishing)

It Came From the Darkness is a unique collection of drabbles (stories of 100 words exactly) and artwork, compiled by Red Cape Publishing and Philip Rogers 101 PR in aid of the Max the Brave Fund. A huge number of horror writers, poets, artists, and film makers have come together to support the cause and offer the reader something special. Each piece of writing begins with the same five words, but the stories themselves are all wonderfully varied. So dig in, take each tale one bloody bite at a time, and beware of what comes from the darkness.
Includes stories from David Owain Hughes, Matthew V. Brockmeyer, Tim Lebbon, Lou Yardley, Cortney Palm, Lee Franklin, MJ Dixon, Singh Lall, and many, many more.


"C is for Cannibals" (Published 24th June 2020, Red Cape Publishing)


C is for Cannibals, the third book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. Within these pages you will find a collection of thirteen gut-wrenching stories from some of the finest independent writers on the scene today. From those with a taste for human flesh to people merely trying to survive, C is for Cannibals contains a range of twisted stories not for the weak of stomach. You have been warned!