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Breaking News: Morga delayed due to rogue goblins…

Hiya fiends! The next Morga episode will be a little later than planned because I’m working on (yet another) project!  This is a goblin-flavoured tale that features Glintsprock (everybody’s favourite frog player), magic (well, duh!), mayhem (also, duh!), and executions! Fun, fun, fun! This lovely little story is titled “The Gathering at the Gallows”. The […]

The Monster Lady 

New Instagram handle…

Hiya folks, I’ve been thinking on this for a while, and I’ve decided to change my instagram handle from louyardleyauthor to @goblinsstolemybrain. I felt the ‘author’ name was a little restrictive as sometimes I like to post things that aren’t very authory… and the new name is accurate because goblins have stolen my brain. If […]

The Monster Lady 
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