On this page, you’ll find all of my books so far. I’ve broken them down into Venari stories and not-Venari stories.


Click on each book title for more information about that book.

  • Banished (2020)
  • Snuff Fairies (2020 – Short Story)
  • Everfrost (2021)
  • Creep (2021)

Non-Venari stuff


  • Darkened Wings Flutter (2020)
  • The Deal Maker (2019)
  • Rise of the Carnivores (2019 – no longer available… this lil piggy needs a major edit!)
  • Hellhound (2018)
  • The Others: A Bleak Reflection (2017 – no longer available)
  • The Other’s Voice (2016 – no longer available)

Novellas and short stories:


  • Slash Fiction (2019 – limited release)


3d book display image of Creep

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