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In The Woods of Waiting

A Volkdrow Chronicles Prequel

Book Cover: In The Woods of Waiting
Part of the The Volkdrow Chronicles series:
  • In The Woods of Waiting
Editions:ePub: £ 1.99Kindle: £ 1.99Paperback: £ 5.99
ISBN: 979-8371859938
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 in
Pages: 109

Brenna, Franklin, and Jerm are three normal children in Red Fern. Well… they’re as ‘normal’ as things get in Red Fern. They live in Ickne Noir’s Home for Lost Children, but things are not quite as they seem. You see, Ickne Noir’s may be a children’s home, but it’s also the place where neighbouring realms send their young spies and assassins. All the children there are deadly. Apart from Frankin… but you’ll find out more about him soon enough.

A beautiful song leads them all into the menacing and mysterious Woods of Waiting. That song will set all three towards fates they could never imagine.

Dark paths and dangerous things await in the Woods of Waiting.

Caution: This fiendish fantasy may contain monsters and swearing. Actually, it absolutely does contain both of those things.

Prequel to The Volkdrow Chronicles.

Imprint: The Goblin Storybook
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Debbie Harris on Amazon wrote:

When Brenna, Franklin and Jerm tries to figure out what and where the song that they hear is coming from it takes they all on different paths. Lots of great creatures and some intense moments. A great book for the upcoming series.

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