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Book Cover: Creep
Part of the Venari series:
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ISBN: 979-8481115306
Pages: 141
Hardcover: £ 11.99
ISBN: 979-8481548647

Welcome to the monstrous world of Venari... try not to get eaten...

Angus Rutland has been to war and now it's time to go back home. Battle has changed him and he knows that life is going to change for him in Red Fern too.

And he's absolutely right.

It's just not going to change in the way he has planned. Angus expected independence from his parents, a house and maybe a new career. Instead, he's found himself up to his neck in monsters, treachery, and an invading army.

This novella is a deliciously dark fantasy set in Lou Yardley's monstrous world of Venari. Dive right in for monsters and gore!

"Creep" is part of a small series that introduces the wonderful, if monstrous, world of Venari. The books can be read in any order, but there are little nuggets of fun that will be enjoyed if read chronologically.

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Delicious Dark Fantasy!

Creep(y) little nugget that presents the world of Venari for new & experienced Yardley readers.

Some returning war heroes learn that life in Red Fern aren't that relaxing after all. Bottoms up everyone and try not to lose your head in the process....

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