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Author/Monster Lady currently stranded in the monstrous world of Venari. I write books, read books, collect books and stack books in comforting little piles around my housešŸ“š. Other interests include: creatures (especially invertebrates šŸ•·ļøšŸž), Warhammer, and METALšŸ¤˜(the music, not the material).
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The Misadventures of Morga Skullsplitter – Episode 1: Bloody Hammer

Hiya fiends, HAPPY ORCTOBER!!! I’m excited to share the first episode of The Misadventures of Morga Skullsplitter. Episodes will be updated (almost) monthly (sometimes more, sometimes less!) and you will have the option of reading them on my website, Ko-Fi page, or you’ll be able to download an ePub for your eReader. Subscribe to my […]

The Monster Lady 

New Instagram handle…

Hiya folks, I’ve been thinking on this for a while, and I’ve decided to change my instagram handle from louyardleyauthor to @goblinsstolemybrain. I felt the ‘author’ name was a little restrictive as sometimes I like to post things that aren’t very authory… and the new name is accurate because goblins have stolen my brain. If […]

The Monster Lady 
A Traveller's Guide Blog

A Travellerā€™s Guide: The Land (Guest Post from Joseph John Lee)

Hiya! Welcome to another ā€œTravellerā€™s Guideā€! ā€œA Travellerā€™s Guideā€¦ā€ is a fun little project where authors introduce us to their realms, worlds, and hidden places. There will be times where I (or a certain goblin) will guide you around parts of Venari, but there will also be times (like today!) when another author will pop […]

The Monster Lady 
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