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Author/Monster Lady currently stranded in the monstrous world of Venari. I write books, read books, collect books and stack books in comforting little piles around my housešŸ“š. Other interests include: creatures (especially invertebrates šŸ•·ļøšŸž), Warhammer, and METALšŸ¤˜(the music, not the material).

New Instagram handle…

Hiya folks, I’ve been thinking on this for a while, and I’ve decided to change my instagram handle from louyardleyauthor to @goblinsstolemybrain. I felt the ‘author’ name was a little restrictive as sometimes I like to post things that aren’t very authory… and the new name is accurate because goblins have stolen my brain. If […]

The Monster Lady 
A Traveller's Guide Blog

A Travellerā€™s Guide: The Land (Guest Post from Joseph John Lee)

Hiya! Welcome to another ā€œTravellerā€™s Guideā€! ā€œA Travellerā€™s Guideā€¦ā€ is a fun little project where authors introduce us to their realms, worlds, and hidden places. There will be times where I (or a certain goblin) will guide you around parts of Venari, but there will also be times (like today!) when another author will pop […]

The Monster Lady 
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