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New episode of Morga Skullsplitter & World Anvil update!

Hiya fiends!

Great news! Episode 7 of “The Misadventures of Morga Skullsplitter” is now available for you to read for FREE!

But… again… things are a little different for this episode.

Rather than posting the episode up on my website, Ko-Fi, and creating an ePub, I’ve decided to only publish it on my World Anvil page. I hope you’ll find this change to be a positive one, as I think it makes the story easier to follow (rather than you needing to hunt for the right posts), and it means that it’s in the same place as all the Venari world building articles that will be popping up over the coming months.

Once Volume 1 is complete, I’ll create an ePub and paperback too!

So, here’s some links…

Read the story:

Check out the world of Venari:

Happy reading!

I’m outta here… a goblin’s gotta goblin!



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