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“Mirror Mirror” – a Glintsprock’s Quest Sidequest

Hiya folks,

Thanks to a new initiative by the Ko-Fi Author Avengers, I now have a new Glintsprock story to share with you. This one is set just after “Frog Licker”, but don’t worry if you haven’t had the chance to read that one, you can enjoy “Mirror Mirror” as a standalone.

Ko-Fi Author Avengers Monthly Prompt

Each month, the Ko-Fi Author Avengers take on a new writing prompt and create something with it. Here is my answer to August’s prompt.

The Prompt:

One day, you decide to put two mirrors in front of each to find out what that looks like; it was cool at first, but then you notice SOMETHING in the reflection, and it looks like it’s coming right towards you…

My Story’s Description:

Fresh off his explosive tour with the Shit-Stained Lizardz, Glintsprock’s thirst for fame and adulation knows no bounds. Determined to perfect his rock star image, he steals a collection of clothes and accessories, as well as a couple of mirrors to check out his reflection. One of the mirrors looks expensive.

Yet, this mirror is no ordinary looking glass.

It’s dangerous. Glintsprock really should have seen this coming… he does live in Venari, after all.

Grab “Mirror Mirror” for FREE (or “pay what you want”) by giving the button below a gentle little click.

Until next time…

Stay delicious,

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