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“Glintsprock’s Quest: Frog Licker” is NOW AVAILABLE!

Woo hoo!

“Glintsprock’s Quest: Frog Licker” is now available EXCLUSIVELY from my Ko-Fi shop. Hit the button below to grab your copy!

As this is an exclusive, this short story will not be available anywhere else. Other stories in this series will be available elsewhere, but this one is a special little something to whet your appetites… and to introduce you to your new favourite band: the Shit-Stained Lizardz!

About the story:

In the strange (and slightly sticky – seriously, don’t touch anything) world of “Glintsprock’s Quest: Frog Licker”, delve into the misadventures of the Shit-Stained Lizardz, Skrillbrat’s most outrageous goblin band. These eccentric musicians live for the limelight, believing they reign supreme on the goblin music scene.

But on the fateful last night of their highly anticipated tour (well, two people were excited about it… that’s ‘highly anticipated’, right?), chaos ensues and their plans take a gut-wrenching twist. As the stage lights dim and the crowd’s excitement heightens, the stakes skyrocket to unimaginable heights.
Glintsprock, the band’s lead frog player, must make it through the last gig of the tour in one piece… which isn’t quite as straightforward as he may have hoped!
“Glintsprock’s Quest: Frog Licker” sets the tone for a new series of novellas and short stories set in the monstrous world of Venari.

Caution: This fiendish fantasy may contain monsters and swearing.
Actually, it absolutely does contain both of those things.

Only 50 copies of this 24-page booklet have been printed. They will only be available from this shop or from in-person events.

While stocks last, I’ll also be including a Shit-Stained Lizardz sticker and badge in each order.

I really hope you enjoy this fun little story!

Thank you for all your support!

Until next time…

Stay delicious,

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