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“The Blade of Absolution” Pre-Order!


“The Blade of Absolution” – the first novel-length book in “The Volkdrow Chronicles” is now available to pre-order. Click on the button below and grab it from your favourite online store.

Paperbacks and Hardbacks will be available from Amazon on (or near) the release date of 23rd June 2023.

About the Book:

One sword… a whole load of chaos!

Part dungeon break, part magical sword heist, “The Blade of Absolution” kicks off “The Volkdrow Chronicles” with a hearty dose of monsters, magic, and mayhem.

Set in the monstrous world of Venari, deep in the sprawling city of Red Fern, “The Blade of Absolution” follows Everfrost as she goes in search of adventure and her ever-so-slightly nefarious father. Things don’t quite go to plan and, as chaos ensues, she meets Woodrow (a half-orc assassin), Pyggbe (an untrustworthy goblin), and Yelkrie (another untrustworthy goblin… but with a trick or two up her sleeve). Will they work together or will they be at each other’s throats?

For those familiar with Lou Yardley’s Venari tales, this book will introduce you to characters and monsters, old and new. If you’re brand new to this world, get comfy and prepare yourself for some epic fiendish fantasy, adventure, monsters, foul-language, odd humour, and a splash of gore.

Caution: This fiendish fantasy may contain monsters and swearing.
Actually, it absolutely does contain both of those things.

Review copies

Are you a person who likes to review books? Hit the button below if you’d like a review copy. (Don’t worry, there’s absolutely no rush to get the reviews online.)

All review copies will be digital… because shipping is expensive!

Thanks everyone!

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