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Glintsprock’s Quest update

Hiya folks,

A little while ago, I quietly added this page to the website, telling you all about yet another Venari-flavoured project. Glintsprock’s Quest will be a series of novellas following a goblin called Glintsprock… as he goes on a quest. I bet you didn’t see that coming…

Anyway, I’m pleased to say that this weekend I finished the first draft of the first story. This one is called “Glintsprock’s Quest: The Search for the Skrillbrat Sasquatch”. I still have a lot of work to do on it (including editing, filling in some pesky plot holes, and tracking down some beta readers), but I’m over the moon to have completed this draft.

So, what’s it about?

Glintsprock the goblin is on a mission to track down a mysterious creature that few believe in, the elusive Skrillbrat Sasquatch. While deep in the dark tunnels and caverns of Skrillbrat, his friends start to go missing one by one. Some meet an extremely bloody end. Is this the work of the sasquatch?

Glintsprock soon discovers that the sasquatch is not the only creature lurking in the shadows. There’s something else down there with them. Goblins are used to hunting in the dark, but Glintsprock discovers that it’s no fun when he’s the one being hunted. And his inner goblin is telling him that he’s absolutely screwed. His inner goblin is annoying and pessimistic… but sometimes it’s right.

Join Glintsprock on his epic quest as he embarks on a daring adventure to uncover the truth and find the mysterious Skrillbrat Sasquatch. This story contains goblins, foul language, gore, and occasional funny bits.

I’ll be sharing more news soon. In the meantime, you can check out Glintsprock’s guide to Skrillbrat here.

Until next time…

Stay delicious,

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