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My books are now on Smashwords

Hi folks, Great news! My books are now on Smashwords! Here’s a cute lil widget for my new novella, “In the Woods of Waiting”: Or… you can buy them directly from me right here đŸ˜ Until next time… Stay delicious,Lou 


Book(ish) Review: “Hammer & Nails” by Ian Gordon

It’s time for another review… think of it as an early Christmas present… About the Book: Join podcaster, Diane Woodrow, in conversation with the renowned Paranormal Investigator, Peter Van Melsen, as the pair discuss a strange case the latter was involved with, known as the Hammerton Horror. Over 6 episodes, you’ll hear the recording of […]


Planning a website overhaul

Hiya friends! How’s it going? My website is a MESS and desperately needs a bit of TLC, so I’m planning on doing that over my Xmas break. Is there anything you’d like to see on the website? Links to books and stuff is obvious, but is there anything else? What’s missing? Thanks all! Stay delicious,Lou


COVER REVEAL: “In the Woods of Waiting”

Hiya friends, It’s FREEZING here today. That fact has nothing to do with anything that I need to write here, but I felt like sharing it anyway. So there you go. Anyway, I thought it was about time that I shared the AWESOME cover art that Neil Fraser created for my forthcoming novella, “In the Woods of Waiting”. […]

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