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Reviews for “The Other’s Voice”

“[…]  this shock a minute book you’ll be terrified, relieved, and trying not to lose your lunch. And all of these things will happen within a few pages […]

The great thing about THE OTHERS VOICE is how, after we’re introduced to the family, things start taking a turn for the worse almost immediately. You are whipped in the middle of what appears to be hell on Earth along with the family and you will be horrified. As an example there is one part that involves a character sticking themselves in the eyeball with a sword and plopping it out on the ground. Gruesome? Yes. But that’s nothing compared to what happens after that. And that’s saying something because sticking yourself in the eyeball and pulling it out is something that should be hard to top, gore wise.

[…] Keep in mind this is only the first book in the OTHERS VOICE series. And Lou is currently at work on her second installment. And I will be along for this thrill ride every page of the way. If you like your horror bloody and brutal with a supernatural element at its core, you should buy THE OTHERS VOICE right away. It’s a great book in general, but for being a first novel it exceeds expectations.”

Review written by Dave on Horror Cabin. Read the full review on Horror Cabin.


“The first time I have read anything written by a friend of mine, and really glad I did! The Other’s Voice is a book that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in horror and the supernatural. Very easy to read, filled with suspense and a fair bit of gore. The characters are very accessible and you feel like you know them from the start. It kept me enthralled from start to finish with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Witty, incisive and well developed with a story that is engrossing to the end. The story twists and turns and envelops you in a claustrophobic nightmare of fear from which you cannot see a way out.
For a first novel, it was brilliant and I can see Lou’s writing going from strength to strength!”

5 star review written by Feral Rogue on Amazon UK.


“I’m not usually a horror story reader, but I have to say this book held my attention to the end! creepy and gruesome but with a touch of humour every so often. An ordinary family with interesting characters. Well worth a read!”

5 star review written by Cazzy43 on Amazon UK.


“Couldn’t put the book down.. Can’t wait for the next instalment..”

5 star review written by Ms. Angela Clarke on Amazon UK.


“I really enjoyed this book It isn’t what I normally read but it was very well written and kept me in suspense right up to the end . Look forward to reading book 2.”

4 star review written by carol parnell on Amazon UK.

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