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Welcome to the Members Only section of my website.

If you’re a member, depending on your level of membership, you’ll be able to access:

  • EXCLUSIVE monthly flash fiction
  • EXCLUSIVE blog posts
  • eBooks
  • EXCLUSIVE competitions and special offers

… and loads more still to be added (including exclusive merch)!

How do I sign up?

I’m using Patreon to handle these memberships. Patreon makes it easy for wonderful people like you to support demented creative creatures like myself. You can pay however much you want each month and in return, I give you some really cool rewards. And my everlasting love and gratitude. You get stories and stuff, and I get coffee – it’s a win-win!

A full rundown of all of the rewards and tiers can be found here.

Patreon handle all of the boring (yet important) money stuff and you can cancel whenever you want to.


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