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Title: Lydia
Published by: Y Books
Release Date: 5th May 2016
Contributors: Lou Yardley
Genre: ,
Pages: 40
ISBN13: 1230001069266

Do you remember summers from your childhood? Did the summer holidays seem to last for an eternity? Was it always sunny? Did you laugh and play with your friends for hours on end?
Lydia’s childhood summers were a lot like that. Every year, her parents would take her to a beautiful lake house where they would all relax, watch dragonflies and Lydia could see her best friend Alice. Lydia loved those summers. She never wanted them to end.
But one fateful night changed everything; ruining it completely.
A combination of disappearances, bloodied hammers, terrifying dreams and grisly deaths will change Lydia's summers, and her life, forever.

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