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Lou is an author from ‘near’ London. Near enough so that she lives in a London borough, but far enough away that she has to pay an extortionate amount to get there and back for gigs and other fun things.

After keeping herself busy with a degree in Computing, IT and Design (where she got a first, thank you very much), a music blog and possibly summoning a few demons as a result of attempting to sing-along with her favourite tunes, Lou decided that she needed to cross something vital from her Bucket List. She needed to write a novel.

We all want to write a novel, don’t we? But we never seem to find the time. There are always degrees to study for, work to do, pizza to eat… How on earth do you fit writing a novel into that? Lou had no idea. So, she did what many others have done before her. She signed up to NaNoWriMo and wrote 1,667 words per day during the month of November 2015. At the end of November she was left with a fairly hefty chunk of story, but it was still nowhere near the end. Deciding to see it through, she spent the next few months finishing the story, polishing it, tidying it and whispering sweet nothings into its non-existent ears. Finally, in March 2016, it was published. If Lou can do it, anyone can!

… and Lou decided that one novel wasn’t nearly enough. She had caught the bug.

So, now Lou is having a go at being a writer and “The Other’s Voice” is her first novel. She is the owner of a bizarre imagination, a twisted sense of humour and a small army of cats. She is totally ready for the zombie apocalypse because her other half, Mark, has that stuff under control.

When she isn’t writing, Lou enjoys reading (obviously), listening to music and going to gigs (she especially loves Bloodstock Festival!), horror stuff (particularly anything related to Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell is a legend! Hail to the king!) and sci fi stuff (if you don’t love Firefly and Killjoys, Lou will assume that there’s something wrong with you).

Lou is almost always on Twitter, so if you want to chat, give her a shout!

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