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“The Deal Maker” Quiz

Have you read “The Deal Maker”? Have you got the story and the characters firmly lodged in your brain? Do they live inside you now, swapping jokes and body parts?

Test your knowledge in this delightful little quiz…


WOW! You know your stuff! Well done!  
Better luck next time. The Deal Maker

#1. What is the name of Kelly’s boyfriend?

#2. What is the name of the demon in “The Deal Maker”?

#3. What is Ted’s surname?

#4. Which body part WASN’T taken in “The Deal Maker”?

#5. Where is “The Deal Maker” set?

#6. What does the demon do with the body parts it acquires?

#7. Who is in charge of the assassins?

#8. Who is Ted looking for?

#9. What is Gravy afraid of?

#10. How does the demon transport itself into Ted’s life?

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