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“Hellhound” t-shirt prize draw

Hi folks,

I realise this is my fourth post today, but I’ve got a lot to say!

How would you like to get your mitts on one of these AWESOME “Hellhound” t-shirts? These shirts are currently EXCLUSIVE to patrons on the $20 tier (check out my Patreon page for more info on tiers), but this month I’d like to give one to a lucky prize draw winner.

How does this work?

Anyone who signs up as a Patreon between now and 31st July 2018 will be entered into a prize draw. The winner gets the shirt (size of your choice).

How do I sign up?

Just head over to and pick a tier.

Which tier do I need to be on?

Any! You could get yourself a $1 membership and still win… and, of course, you’ll have access to exclusive stories!

How long do I need to be a member for?

Just one month. But I hope you’ll want to stick around longer. The exclusive stories I’ve got in the works for you are great fun!

Hey, I signed up last month!

Don’t worry, you lovely people are already included in the draw!

Need more info? Just give me a shout!


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