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I’m on Patreon (and other fun updates!)

Hi folks,

I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a Patreon page for some time, but I wasn’t sure what to give back as rewards… but, this week I’ve had a flurry of ideas, so here we go…

But first… What is this “Patreon” business?

Patreon is a site which enables wonderful people like you to support weird creative types like me. It works on a subscription basis where you set up a monthly payment and get rewards in return. These rewards vary depending on the tier you’ve selected.

What are the rewards?

As some of you know, I’ve been itching to write some flash fiction for a while, but I haven’t had the kick up the bum to get on and do it. The idea is that Patreon will change that (well, it’ll HAVE TO change that!). Each month, I’ll be giving my Patrons an exclusive flash fiction story on my website. Then, once we’ve amassed a fairly sizable collection, the Patrons will choose which stories make it into an anthology that I’ll put on general release in 1-2 years time. Please note that not all of stories will end up in the anthology, so Patrons will have access to some truly exclusive stuff.

(Oh, and while I’ve said it’s one story per month, it may be more depending on what other projects I’m playing with… you know what I’m like… 🙂 )

Other rewards include paperbacks, eBooks, exclusive blog posts, t-shirts, badges, bookmarks, discounts, bags and mugs (and whatever else I can come up with). I was thinking of also creating some videos, but I’m hideously awkward on camera… (I’m hideously awkward off-camera too, but that’s not the point!)

How do you sign up?

Check out this link:

… or press this button!

Become a Patron!

There’s also a nice lil “Members Only” area right here on this website.

What about “The Others” Part 3?

That’s still happening! I’m looking at a release date at end of 2018/beginning of 2019. It’s taking a bit of time as I’m really hoping to give “The Others” a terrific ending.

You mentioned something called “Horror Bites” as well?

Yup, I did! “Horror Bites” are a collection of short stories that I’ll be releasing throughout the year. To begin with, they will be Amazon exclusives and will be entered into the Kindle Unlimited programme. After that, who knows? I’ll probably let them go and take over the world.

I’m in the process of writing the first one in this collection. The first draft is nearly done… then it’ll be edited… then it’ll travel off to my Beta Reader… then edited again… then it’s over to you!

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