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You’ve got mail

I’m planning to relaunch my Mailing List in the not-too-distant future – sometime between now and before “Hellhound” is released… and I need your help.

My first attempt at this mailing list business was a little half-arsed. Sure, I tempted folks in with the promise of a short story (“Lydia”), but then it pretty much died a death. This was totally my fault because I never sent anything out, but I was always at a loss for what to send. Do people want to hear about how many words I’ve written for my first draft? Do they need to hear about how I both love and hate my current story? Do they yearn to read about how many cups of coffee I’ve consumed on any given day? I genuinely don’t know.

So, I’m looking for ideas.

What would you like to see from my mailing list? Which exciting morsels would you like to turn up in your inbox? How often would you like to see them? Once a week? Once a month? Only on days when the dead rise from their graves and roam the earth?

If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below. Or reach out to me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or in real life. Or via ouija board. Actually, don’t do that last one. I will not be held responsible for any rogue spirits or demonic entities that infest your houses as a result of you trying to tell me to send an email once a week.

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