Hellhound: Stick a fork in it, the first draft is done

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Hellhound: Stick a fork in it, the first draft is done

January 25, 2018 #AmWriting Blog Hellhound Updates 0

That little wolfy dude in the pic looks happy, doesn’t he? No? Maybe he does in his own way. Maybe that’s how he shows that he’s having a good time. His tail might be wagging. You don’t know… You know his life! Erm… yes… Well, I’m sure he is happy – the first draft of “Hellhound” is done!

Okay, so we’re still a LONG way from the actual finish line, but I thought the completion of the first draft of “Hellhound” was worthy of a little celebration. So, tonight, I’m going to take a break, have a cider, eat some haggis (for the first time ever – it is Burns Night after all) and ready myself for the many rounds of editing that await me.

In a way, I’m looking forward to the editing process. I feel like I’ve got a base that I’m relatively happy with, and that I should be able to sculpt it into something safe for human consumption. Plus, I’ve got a new toy to play with; I’m going to be using AutoCrit to help me this time. It’s all very exciting.

As well as editing, I’ll also be sorting out the cover (which features work by a VERY talented artist) and tweeting. I imagine that I’ll be tweeting a lot. Watch this space.

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