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The first draft of “Hellhound” is…

… still not finished…

This isn’t great news, BUT earlier today the word count for the first draft reached 88,815 words, which is more than the first draft for “The Others: A Bleak Reflection” (that one weighed in at 87,889). It’s looking like this first draft will end up being around 95,000 words (possibly more) and, after a few rounds of editing, I expect it will be more than that. Even though I do cut things out of drafts during editing, I’m also a terrible ‘adder-inner’.

While, 95,000 words isn’t that long for a novel, it will be the longest thing that I’ve written to date, so it’s quite exciting. Well, I think it is, anyway.

Whether you’re thrilled over the length of this book or not, I’m hoping that you’re shivering with anticipation over reading it when it finally is finished… which hopefully won’t be too far away.

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