The Goodreads Reading Challenge

Two blog posts in one day? What is this madness???

Don’t worry, I haven’t been replaced by an alien copy that’s identical in every way except in its desire to post blog updates. I’m just turning over a new leaf, remember? Nothing worry about. Nothing to worry about at all.

Those of you who visit Goodreads will probably have seen this already. Otherwise, I’ll give you a quick introduction. The delightful folk at the Goodreads website encourage you to set yourself a reading target for the the year. Depending on how much time you have available to read (and how fast you want to read), this can be one book or a gazillion books. Okay, maybe a gazillion books is a tad optimistic, but you get the idea. Once you’ve decided how many books you’re going to read, you whack that number in Goodreads and then you periodically update your progress every time you start or finish a book. I promise, this is way more fun than it sounds. And it’s oddly satisfying.

I took part in this challenge for the first time last year and read 33 books. Now, I don’t know if 33 is particularly that impressive, but I was pretty pleased with it. It also made me want to read even more this year. By my thinking, if I could read 33 last year, 35 this should be easy peasy. That remains to be seen, but at 17 books so far, I think I’ve made a fairly solid start. It’s also satisfying to know that I’ve completed 49% of my target and I’m 6 books ahead of schedule. What can I say? I’m a nerd.

Anyway, I’d love to know how many of you out there in Internet-Land are taking on this challenge. Are you? If so, leave a comment. Let me know how you’re getting on. If you’re stuck for reading material, I can always point you in the direction of some.

If you are taking part and you’ve found something especially good to read, please share it with me. I’ve found that even though my “To Read” list never entirely disappears, I’m always looking for new things to add to it.


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