I went to a job interview yesterday and, while I don’t know if I was successful or not (please keep your fingers crossed for me!), I did get a good book recommendation… because, of course I’d end up talking about books in a job interview. This is standard practice, right? Well, I suppose it would be if you’re going to work for a publisher, but I wasn’t.

The recommendation was “The Sparrow” by Mary Doria Russell and, even though it was originally published in 1997, I’d never even heard of it, let alone read it. The premise of “The Sparrow” is really intriguing, so I’ve added it to my ever-expanding “To Read” list, but it got me thinking…. We don’t seem to recommend books enough. I recommend music and films to people all of the time, but I’m a little more cagey with books… and I have NO IDEA why. So, this all changes now. After all, story telling is one of the ways that we communicate. It’s how we learn.

From now on, you’ll get fairly regular recommendations from me on here and on social media using the #ReadThis hashtag. Feel free to jump aboard and recommend novels, short stories, graphic novels, comics… hell, anything that you read really – just use the #ReadThis hashtag and (providing I see it) I’ll share it on Twitter or Facebook. Please also feel free to share works by as many indie authors as you can. Spread the love!

My first recommendation is, like “The Sparrow”, another book where I’m rather late to the party. I’m currently devouring “The Strain” trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan and I absolutely love it. I’ve pretty much been hooked since the first word. Now, I haven’t finished book 3 yet (or watched the TV show), so no spoilers please! Check it out if you enjoy reading about vampires that don’t sparkle, flawed heroes and bleak plots.

So, that’s my first #ReadThis suggestion… What’s yours?

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