Oops! It must be time for an update…

It’s been a while since I last posted an update and I do apologise for that, but I have the best excuse EVER!

I’ve been writing! Several thousand words, in fact. The first draft of the second book in The Others series is coming along rather well and I believe I’m just about to embark on the last third of the story. This book continues a year after “The Other’s Voice” left off, but it also introduces a few more characters and a few more story lines. I really hope you like the new characters as much as I do – even the not-so-nice ones! All will be revealed very soon.

Speaking of revelations…

I will be revealing the book’s full title TOMORROW. Yes, tomorrow. Friday 24th June 2016. As with “The Other’s Voice”, the title has music connections, so I’ll use this as an opportunity to recommend some amazing tunes.

But… that’s not all! 

Nope, I couldn’t leave things like that. Especially not since I left it so long without an update. At some point during the next week, I will be posting an excerpt from the new book. Please be aware that this excerpt will be rough as hell (and, as a result, may end up slightly altered in the final draft). But, it will give you a lovely little taste of the world I’ve created for you.

And one more thing…

Those of you who follow my adventures on Facebook and Twitter may have already spotted that I’m in the latest issue of Northern Darkness. Northern Darkness is an extreme metal fanzine, which also features interviews and reviews of books (and anything else that may appeal to fans of that genre of music). The interview took place on the day that the eBook version of “The Other’s Voice” became available, so it was a fair while ago. However, Luke (Northern Darkness dude and all around awesome bloke) and I talk in great depth about the story and what can be expected in the new book. Even though I’d barely started writing the new book at that point, I believe I have stayed true to the ideas that I hinted at in this interview. Find out more by picking up Issue #9 here. In the description, Luke describes “The Other’s Voice” as a “must read”… so, you know he knows what he’s talking about! You can also check out Northern Darkness on Facebook.

Until tomorrow!!!

Photo credit: aprillynn77 via Remodel Blog / CC BY

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