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Foscor and music themed book titles…

Last weekend, I partook in much metal, booze and general merriment in the annual shindig known as Incineration Festival. This year I had the opportunity to see many a fantastic band and one of which was the mighty Foscor.

“Hold on a minute, Lou” I hear you cry, “Why are you writing about music here? This isn’t your old music blog!”. Yes, I am aware of that, but Foscor are very relevant to my first novel, and here’s why…

During the time I was writing “The Other’s Voice”, the story changed its name so many times that I’ve lost count. Most of those names were absolute rubbish. Come on, at one point I actually considered just calling it “Spiders”. Which would have been fine if it had just been about spiders, but I’d like to think it was a little bit more than that. As I reached the end of the second or third draft (I forget which), inspiration hit me like a train travelling at a hundred miles per hour. You see, I listen to music while I write. If you look closely, you may notice many a music reference in “The Other’s Voice” (a couple of the more obvious ones are John Prine and Murder Murder), but the biggest influence came from Foscor. While editing, I put on their discography and worked my way through the albums and bonus tracks. It’s a brilliant way to spend some time and I’d recommend it to anyone. And, as you may have guessed, one of those tracks is called “The Other’s Voice”. This track was featured on a limited edition split EP which the band did with Necrosadist and you can still grab it from Foscor’s bandcamp page (in digital form only).

Lyrically, the track has nothing to do with the story, but it does provide some excellent audio accompaniment. Check it out using the widget below:

Anyway, one of the things that made this year’s Incineration Festival so great was the chance to both see Foscor play live and to have a quick chat with Fiar (vocals / bass). I even signed a copy of “The Other’s Voice” for him and now I’m super nervous about him reading it. I really hope he likes it! If you would like to check out more of Foscor’s stuff, please head over to their website, Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp pages.

By the way, the photo used as the featured image was taken from Fiar’s Facebook profile. You’ll notice that it shows my book (yay!), a Foscor patch and some Saille beer. Saille are another bloody brilliant band who are well worth checking out. Go listen to them!

I’m going to continue with music-themed novel titles as we go forwards (some of you may have already realised that “Lydia” is the name of a character in a John Prine song. I just borrowed the name; the characters in the song and the story are completely different) and Book 2 of “The Others” series has now been awarded its full title. In order to be able to give the band that inspired me the correct amount of praise, I’ll save that revelation for another time.


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