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“The Other’s Voice” OFFICIALLY out today, so now I’m working on other stuff…

Today is the day when “The Other’s Voice” is officially released digitally on Kindle and Kobo. It’s been an interesting journey and I’m super excited to be able to answer the “Can I read your story?” question with “YES! Go get it!”.

The paperbacks were released a few days earlier (I know better now and will sort the timings out for Part II – more about that in a bit!) and I’m already getting some really good feedback. I’m trying not to blow my own trumpet here, but the words “fucking twisted”, “sinister” and “bleak” were thrown in my direction. As was the phrase “I couldn’t put it down”. How awesome is that? Very. It is very awesome.

So, what’s happening now? The Facebook competition is still running and will be until 4pm (GMT) today (13th March). Don’t worry if you happen to read this after the competition closes; another competition will be starting on Twitter straight afterwards!

As well as competitions, I have also started work on Part II of “The Others” series. This one has the working title “Reflections” and, once you’ve read “The Other’s Voice” you’ll have an idea of what it’s going to focus on. I have also planted the seeds for another idea that will be my own twisted take on time travel. I’ll keep you updated!

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