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Hi, I'm Lou. Welcome to my website.
I love writing and reading gory stories.


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“Darkened Wings Flutter” is out now!

"Horror writers often excel at creating eerie atmosphere, summoning terror, or what Stephen King called “the gross-out,” and while Yardley is gifted in all three respects, her work has something else that many supernatural novels lack: the ability to write a good story. “Hellhound” is a guessing game that keeps its readers in suspense and teases with a deft skill reminiscent of the corkscrew plots of Ambrose Bierce: like so many of his ghost stories and psychological thrillers, this is a tale that merits a second and then a third read."

Who is Lou?

Lou Yardley is an indie horror author from the UK. She lives just outside of London with her other half and a small army of cats. Sadly, she has been unable to train these cats to do her bidding. 

She loves all things horror – especially the gory kind! #gorystories

Lou's reviews

Lou has recently started to add book and movie reviews to this site. Click on that handy little “Read More” link below to see what she’s been enjoying.